Splitting ODML AVI files


I just spent the past 12 hours ripping an episodic DVD (my processor is very slow) into avi format using AutoGK. I’ve used this program many times and never had a problem with it. I also ripped this same DVD a few weeks ago and had no problem with it. Last night, I decided that I wanted to improve the image quality and rip it to a higher Mb. This morning, when I tried to split the episodes using AVIsplit, I received a messge that says that the file was written in ODML AVI format and cannot be processed by AVIsplit classic v1.43. I looked for a newer version but couldn’t find one.

Why would AutoGK suddenly process the files into ODML AVI format and is there a splitter that will split ODML AVI files?


I have no idea what is ODML, but try to use virtualdub

Thanks for your help geno. I ran it through VirtualDub but I received the following message:

AVI: Index not found or damaged - reconstructing via file scan
AVI: Keyframe flag reconstruction was not specified in open options and the video stream is not known keyframe-only type. Seeking in the video stream may be extremely slow.

I decided not to go that route. I’m going to uninstall and delete DVD Decrypter and AutoGK, download and reinstall them again and see what happens when I try ripping it again.


Sorry that virtualdub wasn’t helpful :frowning:

Try virtualdub Mod; it is a little different from the original

VirtualDubMod or even nandub should work, should.