Splitting movies

I am trying to make a backup copy of Scarface. It is 2 hours and 45 minutes long therefore the quality meter in dvdcopy2 shows only 55%. How do I split a movie into half so I can fit the movie on 2 discs with minimum quality loss.

How is this question related to AnyDVD??

yes, you should ask the cloneDVD2 forum…however, it is very simple:

Simply click on the little scissors icon when previewing the movie title. You will see a small timeline appear under the preview window, with little hash marks (these are the chapter stops). Now all you got to do is drag one side of the timeline so that only half of the movie is present (so only half of the orange timeline shows). The program will even tell you which chapters you are leaving out. Now burn this disc, and when you make the second disc do the same thing but start with the chapter following the last chapter you kept in the previous disc you burned (so now the preview will show the last half of the orange timeline). Make sure you split the disc at exactly a chapter stop, so you will not leave anything out. If you are careful, try and pick a chapter stop that is not in the middle of something intense in the film, so that your viewing experience is not destroyed by having to switch discs (normally this is not a problem because usually most films have very little going on in the middle, since they are saving the fireworks for the third act. Good luck!