Splitting mix sets into tracks?



Hi Im wondering how I can split the sets I record into individual tracks.

Basically its one long mp3 that I wanted to make into tracks so you can skip through them if you wanted on a cd player.



Well I used nero to split it up, but when I saved it it made all my markers disapear and the file i saved has no splits in it.

Any hints please!



Simple enough problem and noone has a solution?

Please throw me a bone here.


Yeh there is a program that ive used but cant remember what it was. Its getting late so i’ll get back to you soon with what it is!


just use Audacity: http://audacity.sourceforge.net/


Thanks guys.

I jsut figured out Nero though.

Once put in the track markers I jsut had to find the “save tracks as files” button which I did and its saving as I type.

Thanks again for teh info.


Audacity is quite fun to use if you ever feel like messing around…

btw, nice machine (in your sig) :iagree:


Thanks drpino, she’s my pride and joy.

Ill have to check out that audacity program for giggles.

It seems that when you split tracks, you also gain a pause between tracks as they play through. This is fine for most things but since the mix’s are the most important part Id really like to NOT have any pause in the play whatsoever so It sounds just like it was recorded; one steady mix with no breaks.

Basically i want it so you can play the CD from beginning to end with no pauses unless you actually want to skip a particular track to get to the next one.

Any hints on how to do that would be appreciated as well =D


im not sure if that’s Nero’s WAVE editor putting in the gaps or your playback software…do the gaps exist when you play it on a normal CD player? with Audacity, i’m pretty sure when you divide the MP3 files there won’t be any gaps in the files themselves.


Just checked it on the house CD player and there is indeed a gap. At least 1 second and probably closer to 2. And if you listen to electronica u know that can really spoil a good flow.

Im gonna take a closer look at Nero for some sort of option for whether or not you want a pause between tracks. Sadly enough these are my first few times ever using Nero so I wouldn’t say Ive explored all its options and features.

Im grabbin that Audicity thing right now cause if you say its fun Ill take your word for it; I recently also got FruityLoops 5 so needless to say thats a little bit distracting =]

I cant beleive I ever though a 36gig Master would EVER be enough for me. At this point I gotta delete stuff I dont use so much just to install new stuff and that be no good. LOL could almost say the same thing for my slave…

BTW I sure would want a hefty stick if I was gonna try waving at at your two monsters!


i do listen primarily to electronica (you should check out this site: www.themixingbowl.org) and totally know what you mean about spoiling a good flow…

here are a few threads that should help you do what you want:

hehe about my 2 machines…i built the second with the intent of selling the first (or most of it) but just couldn’t part ways :wink: