Splitting "Lion in Winter"

I have a DVD of the “Lion in Winter” remake with Patrick Stewart. I’m trying to rip components onto two DVD-5 discs. CloneDVD2 v2.4.5.4 shows two main movies:

  1. 29 chapters and a legnth of 2:46:38
  2. 27 chapters and a length of 2:39:40

If I choose to only rip one of the movies to the hard drive (no DVD size limit employed) I get the whole 8 gig DVD ripped. It doesn’t matter which I choose. If I set CloneDVD2 to encode to DVD5 and select either movie the transcoder estimates a 50% reduction in quality.

Is this DVD manufacturered with two copies of the movie on the disc with some trick that won’t let you just rip one out to prevent backing up to a DVD5?

Thanks in advance.

sometimes the same contents from the dvd are indexed under more than one title. so, let’s say the contents on your dvd are a,b,c … y,z. title 1 will play a - z and title 2 will play b - y. b - y aren’t actually on the dvd in duplicate, it’s just a matter of which contents the different titles play. so you’ll probably find that if you set CloneDVD2 to encode to DVD5 and select both titles, the quality bar won’t change much.

you should figure out what exactly is different between title 1 and title 2 so you get the one you want, but you should be able to select the one you want, use the scissors (under the preview window) to split the movie in half, rip and burn to disc, then rip and burn the other half.

Thank you. That makes sense. :bow:

If only DL media was more widely available and a little cheaper!