Splitting large video files?

The search tool is not working for some reason, I am getting the “page cannot be displayed” thing so I’d like to ask which is the easiest way for me to split my 11GB files in half to then Shrink to burn on 4.7gb blanks?

What for large video files? A single large vob or …?

You can open your video file in DVDShrink using re-author. After you do that you will see on the left hand side a button with 2 arrows. Click it. In there you can use that to set a stopping point in the movie. Make note of where you place it. Burn one half of the movie in this way, then go back and do it again and adjust the slider to burn the second half. It’s hard to explain, but once you see it you’ll know what I’m talking about.

Or you can also use a dual layer disc and fit it all on one disc.

The problem I am facing here is that my files were captured in mpeg2 format, I tried converting them to vob but the softwares I tried with says the files are too large to convert and that I have to split them before converting but I can’t split them until I change the format to vob or something so what’s a guy to do? I spent a lot of time capturing the files and I am looking to get this done first without having to recapture them all over again into a different format.

Tmpgenc and VideoRedo Plus are 2 apps that’ll split mpeg files. Whether they’ll cope with ones at 11gb I don’t know.

You could try wwww.doom9.net, www.afterdawn.com & www.videohelp.com for possible free ones.

You can Try [B]AVI-MPEG-RM-WMV Splitter [/B] dose a nice job with most formats and it’s easy to use. :slight_smile:

Simply use DVTool for splitting large files.