Splitting large files?

I know this topic has probably been covered before but the SEARCH button is not working right now. I have some movies that are greater than 800MB. I need to split the files to burn them to a CD. Is there freeware that I can download to accomplish this?

Depends what format they’re in as to what you need. Also when they are on CD what do you expect to do with them, eg play them on a DVD player?

you could use rar format and split the files, but you would have to merge them back together on your hd when you wanted them

MPEG Layer-3 is the format that they are in now. I just want to burn it to a disc to view later using windows media player.

It’s mepg1 layer 3, if.

Just open a AUDIO Cd template, insert the mp3 tracks into the compilation and convert/burn.

As chef says the ref you gave is more like a kind of a sound file, but as you say movies it can be a dif story.

Depending on the O/S you use, you may have dif packages. It also depends on how larger the files are over 800 MB.
And, after the split, do you want them put back to one piece again?
If you use XP, you can use the free editor that comes with it (its in version 2, but don’t know the name by heart as I don’t use it), open the file, split a the point you want, dlete the end part, save to disc. Repeat the operation, delete the initial part, save to disc.
Take care and do it using a copy, not the original.
Now you can record to CD, but not to get them back as a piece in a perfect match, besides you can do the the reverse operation you may loose a tinny part (image, sound or sincro).
You can use the suggestion about Rar or Zip, but don’t know how they work with a movie file.
You can also convert to a more compressed format - you may find freeware, or use Nero Digital or other package that can shrink your movie (at a quality cost, besides some DivX may give almost the same).

But, the easiest thing would be to record it to a DVD - at the price drives and media are and the troubles you would save it may pay.

Anyone know the name of the free editor that comes with XP?