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I remember seeing a guide that showed a short method of splitting a movie over two discs, retaining menu and extras on each disc. Senioritis is keeping me from remembering where I saw it. Anyone?


Welcome to cdf. It’s no big deal, you don’t need a “guide”. CloneDVD has a very intuitive splitting interface.

Just click on the [I]“Scissors” icon[/I] in CloneDVD. The “Splitting Interface” will now appear. Easiest method is to deselect all titles except for the main movie. With the main title selected (and highlighted), choose a chapter split (with the slider bar) that is close to half of the chapters included on the original movie DVD. Keep an eye on the compression meter to ensure that you are at 100% quality on each of the split disks … because some DVD originals have several huge chapters and several short chapters, so choosing a split at excactly half of the total number of chapters is sometimes [I]not[/I] a perfect “data size” split split between the two backup media.

Then just re-select and juggle the smaller, xtras title sets between the two backup disks, as you see fit, in order to keep 100% quality on both backup media. If you have trouble (keeping 100% on the compression meter for either disk) you can then go back and readjust the chapter split on the main movie title till you get it the way you want it. … like I said, juggle a little.

There are many different variations possible. For instance, some people will split the main movie on just the last couple of chapters necessary to keep 100% quality on the first disk and then pile all the special features and xtra title sets, along with the remaining few chapters of the main movie, onto disk2. There is no “right” way … there is only a “your preferrence” way.

You can create a little more room on either disk, if necessary, by deleting sound and audio tracks that are not your native language. Also, [B][I]be sure to select “Preserve Menus” for both split disks[/I][/B] or your splits may not include the correct default functions required by your DVD player for flawless playback.

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with free software…


Post Script to my above post:

You don’t [I]have[/I] to [I]juggle[/I] all the smaller titlesets … you can also just de-select the ones you don’t want (like preview of coming attractions or warning screens) on one or both of your split backup disks. I remove most stuff like this from disk2 because I don’t want to sit through a big “lead-up” of short titles playing in order to just get to continuing watching the movie from where I left off.

But be aware that removal of “lead up” titles can cause you player to show a few moments of “black-screen” while it is searching (because of default authoring of the original DVD) for small titles you have removed. Not a big problem … just a few seconds of nothing playing, then your player will “play onwards” to the menu and/or the movie’s continuation.

And, when disk2 starts playing, you may have to re-select the same soundtrack you where listening to on disk1 because your player sees disk2 as an entirely new DVD and doesn’t know that you selected, for instance, DTS, as an audio choice from the audio setup menu of disk1. Or, simpler, just use the audio button on your player’s remote control to readjust the audio track being played.

BTW: using a DVD Changer/Player makes watching split backups a bit more convenient than using a single disk DVD Player.



Ya, that’s a good guide. But cruelone was asking, in the CloneDVD threads area of cdf, how to split a movie. So it seemed more appropriate that I give a CloneDVD answer.

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ya, realized what section this thread is in after i posted…

more choices the better though :slight_smile: