Splitting files Nero

Has anybody noticed the following? I split some files so that the quality of the two halves is excellent rather than just good.

The problem is that the first part is okay (3.5Gb). the second half is always too small (1.4Gb) and it won’t play. As I do split the file in half, both should be roughly the same size.

This worked okay in previous versions.

Do you mean you used new Nero7960 to split a large file you have in two and the result is OK?.

As I said, it worked okay in previous versions; not in the latest :frowning: .

Mind you, in the previous versions I did not have to disable (by renaming) the Nero Video codec file…I don’t know if this is significant. v7.9.6.0 is the worst version I have ever come across for video/audio sync issues.

No need to split files. I have done something that produces excellent quality DVDs even when Nero reports average quality to fit the DVD on one disk.

I deleted (renamed) the Nero video codec. I uninstalled the DivX codec and installed ffdshow. THAT’S IT.

Now, when I’m transcoding files, I have two FF icons in the system tray…one for video and the other for audio. Default settings are used.