Splitting Episodic Disks



I like to split episodic disks into two separate disks in order to maintain a decent compression and quality (exit things like DVD Shrink). I had good luck with DVD Fab Platinum for a long time, but lately it seems very confused by the menu system on almost all disks. While it appears to copy correctly, it won’t play the different episodes, just goes into a loop and back to the episode selection screen without playing any content. I’ve tried doing a clean install and that helped a little with some disks, but lately that’s not even helping at all. Some disks I’ve never had luck with, no matter what, even ones that are pretty old (simple?). The DVD Fab folks just keep telling me to reinstall, which is getting old.

These disks do successfully play on my computer, but not on my Denon or Panasonic desktop players. (I called Denon to ask why my model isn’t listed on their firmware update page and the guy said my player was two years old and therefore was hopeless and I should just buy a new player. I asked if there were any firmware updates before they discontinued it and he was speechless. Told him I’m not buying anymore Denon products.)

So I just tried DVDneXtcopy, which doesn’t appear to recognize that there are even different episodes. It’s all one file. There is so little documentation (not to mention that the links in their pdf don’t even work), that I can’t tell if I could even maintain the menu structure if I split the individual episodes. That was a super great feature of DVD Fab.

Any other ideas? I have been using DVD Fab to put the various episodes on my desktop and then Tsunami DVD Author 3 to build a new menu structure. This does work, but the software re-encodes everything and I do see a deterioration of quality. Not to mention that it’s very time-consuming.

Thanks for any help!

What to do? What might be wrong?