Splitting episodes with DVD fab

[b] Hi ALL
Need a little help. I have Fab platinum. I have made a few successful burns, etc.My wife has a few seasonal disk collections. Each disk contains 4 episodes, but all four won’t rip and burn to a 4.7gig disk. I understand that DVDfab can split, etc. But is it possible to select individual episodes in order to fit on a single blank 4.7 dvd, then select the remaining episodes to another disk.?

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Have you tried the [B]Customize Split[/B]?

[b] Hi Dialysis1

Thanks for the reply… No, I haven’t tried it yet. I’m a real Newbie at this stuff. But the least I could do is give it try. All I could do is loose a blank disk. I will put the disk in drive , open Fab and if I see the episodes in order, I’ll just select the first four. Take notice of what the total gigs are, and if their smaller than the DVD I’m burning to, I will give it a shot.

Thanks Again Dialysis


Hi swanj,
There are a number of ways to approach this…the method Dialysis suggested probably is the easiest…provided it works.
I say this because the split modes… together with disc structure issues associated the episodic discs, often create problems.

So, if it works…great.

Personally, I rarely split discs these days, but if I do…I use [B]Customize Mode [/B]and modify the content of the discs manually. It’s a bit more work, but not much and you can usually get exactly what you want.
As an example, you can retain the menu(s) on each disc and place …let’s say episodes 1&2 on disc 1 (menu intact) and episodes 3&4 on disc 2 (menu intact).

The downside here is that you need to remember that navigating via the menu to episodes 3&4 on disc 1 won’t work and likewise with disc 2 for episodes 1&2. Kind of obvious since the respective episodes aren’t on the disc, but if you have to answer to the wife…
well there it is…been there myself…:eek::stuck_out_tongue:

You might also look at compressing the original files to fit on an SL disc.
Here again, you may run into navgation/menu problems as the result of the compression and disc structure.

Do you have any RW dvd’s…it’ll cut your costs to $0 and lessen your level of frustration?

[B]hi all
thanks for the advice, I will try it, but first have a little problem.when I first opened DVDfab tonight, when the main page opened, I wouldn’t give any indication of anything in the source. It said insert DVD. I did and nothing appeared in the area. I removed the DVD from the dvd rom in the computer,and inserted into my Sony Dvd burner and it still indicated nothing.now I’m back to square one. I remember a few weeks ago when I first made a Rip using DVDfab that my dvd rom appeared in the source area, and I made the rip ok. I even re booted the puter and still nothing appears in source box.

Any advice would be appreciated. I will try My Nero burner and see if it appears in the source where it usually does. If it doesn’t,then I may have a puter problem not related to using DVDfab or Nero…