Splitting DVD onto 2 Disks.. Again :)

Hey all, Ok I guess this has been posted before but im looking for the latest and best software to split 1 dvd onto 2 disks. :doh:

Im currently using DVD Shrink 3.2 in conjunction with Nero to compress and burn my backups but thats fine for films of say 1.5 - 2 hours in duration as after deep analysis the quality is often very good if i dump the menus ,extra and misc crap thats on the dvd.

HOWEVER the 3 hour extraviganza even after cutting the film to the bone the quality is still severly reduced. All i really want is to put a film onto 2 disks. Ok i will have room for all the crap as well then such as menus etc but i need to know what software is required and how to use it.

Any and all help is appreciated in advance and pointers to relevant guides tutorials is very much appreciated as is a link to a good resourse!! This can save me lots of valuable TIME !! :stuck_out_tongue: Thanks again all :smiley:

Dvd95Copy Pro and CloneDVD2 has Split function you can try if you really want to split.

DvdShrink can only compress so much at which point quality degradation will be noticeable. I would use Dvd Rebuilder along with its supported encoders to re-encode. Quality will be superb, at the expense of time, compared to Shrink especially at low bitrates. Thus, no need to split.

Thanks Toad, Ive got the free version downloaded biut it seems much more complex , even during installation, is there a tutorial or guide on seting up and using DVD Rebuilder ? Ive tryed to open a DVD but get runtime error on my first attempt. Possiably im missing som ICC stuff mentioned in the installation. I also need to get another two application packages . Cinema something or other. !!! I hate sofware like this. You spend months learning how to install use it and then they relaease a newer ,bug free, easy to use version. Arggghhhhhh

I like DvdFab.

Never failed me…
I rather spend a few cents extra for a second disc than knowing that the quality is less for 1 disc…even though I might not actually notice it (knowing there is a difference is enough for me to not accept it)