Splitting DVD Gospel

Hi i am trying to make a backup of my Gospel of John dvd by splitting it onto 2 dvds for 100% quality. When i choose split option everything is greyed out & i can’t see anything in both windows. I have DVDFab Platinum Trial version installed, still have 21 days left on trial. Could this be because its the trial version? Any help will be appreciated thx.:slight_smile:

Yes, your limited to the features. When you purchase the software you’ll be able to use that option, well… all the options.

thx a million THE C. thats why i’m gonna buy platinum :iagree:

Yes I have it and highly recommend it. Take Care

I may be wrong,but I thought the free trial was fully functional, I purchased before my trial ended so never got a chance to use all it’s features…umm!..


About the evaluation period

All of our software is distributed as shareware. You can install and try them for 30 days. During this evaluation period, the software is fully functional. To continue using the software after the 30-day evaluation period, you should pay a registration fee.

HI & thanks troy512 i just saw your post concerning the trial product being fully functional.

I registered my DVDFab Platinum yesterday:D
Trying the split mode option to back up Johns Gospel dvd9 onto 2 sl discs, but boxes are greyed out. Anybody got an idea please thanks. :slight_smile:

does this dvd contain several short titles? do you get any options at all? for instance if i try to split spongebob squarepants christmas, the only options available are which titles i want on which disc. if i try to split Jaws then i get the split title 1 (one) at the top and the preserve menu on disc 2 (two) at the bottom. seems like if there is not a long title then the only options is to split by titles and not split a single long title.


it shows no titles or anything else troy512. I read in another thread (think it was you) explaining to someone how to use the customize option on how to split the dvd in two by selecting chapters. Very good idea it is, but i’de still like to know why Johns Gospel doesnt show in the split mode. I’ll try another dvd to see if platinum can see it in split mode. Thanks :slight_smile:

go to full disc and check the reported disc size. dvdfab will not let you split a disc which it thinks is a dvd5 already.


the dvd is a dl dvd it’s over 7gb in size, thats why i want to split it.

This is likely due to the file structure of the particular dvd and not an overall failure of the software.
Could you look at the original…is it divided into chapters?

Maybe this post will help?

[QUOTE=maineman;1922857]You may be able to use[B] Customize mode[/B]
>Click on [B]Advanced Title Settings[/B] then choose the chapters from the beginning to about half way through the movie and set this chapter as the end of the rip and burn to a disc.

Do this again with the last half of the movie to another disc.

You can set your target to your hdd first and check the files for playback…so you don’t waste 2 more discs.
Not an ideal way, but it should work.[/QUOTE]
If you’re interested, the referenced post #3 and thread are here:
DVDFab platinum split is not made. Please teach it.

Any problems, just post back and will keep at it…:wink:

Thanks for the explanation on customized mode, i saw it yesterday maineman:)

I just updated to 4016 & that solved my split mode prob. It’s weird shouldnt 4014 have worked:confused:

[QUOTE=cyspur;1947314]I just updated to 4016 & that solved my split mode prob. It’s weird shouldnt 4014 have worked:confused:[/QUOTE]
Yeah, it is weird, but that’s the nature of the beast.
Glad to hear the problem’s resolved and you didn’t have to hassle with a workaround…:smiley: