Splitting disk with clonedvd 2

My Problem: Whenever I split a dvd to 2 disks with clonedvd 2, the second disk will not play on my standalone Sony DVP-NS700P. I use Anydvd with clonedvd. Both are the latest versions. The movie is on the second disk because it will play on the PC and MAC, but not on the Sony.

I’ve made a backup of several of my movies using the same media, Memorex dvd-r 8x. I always burn at 4x. I’ve always had success with this software and media up to 2 or 3 weeks ago. Disk 1 will play, disk 2 will not. I always keep the menu when splitting disk because clonedvd says to.

My burner is an external, NEC DVD_RW ND-3500AG 2.16. It is a few months old. The second disk of all the movies I split up till a couple of weeks ago will play in the Sony standalone.

What has changed? I did download the newest version of anydvd a couple of weeks ago as soon as it was available. So, with that in mind, I tried several software combinations. Use DVD Decrypter v3.5.4.0 to crack movie, then use clonedvd 2 to compile and burn. Same result. Disk 2 was useless. I then used DVD Decrypter v3.5.4.0, then run those files through VOBblocker and then clonedvd2, same result. This is not just one movie I’m reffering to. I have tried movies from a month old to 5 years old. Several different movies, same result. I tried a different media, JVC dvd-r’s, no different.

My Sony has always been able to read these disks. What has changed? I checked videohelp.com to confirm what I already knew. The Sony can read any type of disk there is. I’m to the point where I HAVE to compress a movie to fit on one disk or else I’m making coasters. I don’t split all movies, just the very long ones so I can retain video quality. When the movie is compressed to one disk, it plays fine.

I need you guys help on this one. I can usually figure out these problems, but this one has me at a dead end.

What is your CloneDVD version? How did you create the “2nd disc” with CloneDVD?

clonedvd version

After burning first disc, I would go back to the window where the titles are listed. I’d right click then hit “invert for split”. I’d uncheck any of the extras that would get checked when I would hit invert. Then go through the various windows just like you do when you burn the first disc.

I’ve done this process numerous times and it has always worked. Its just now the 2nd disc won’t play on the Sony.

Weird. Sorry, I have no idea, why it doesn’t work anymore.

I appreciate the thought Olli, but I hope someone has an idea. This is really frustrating.

I also discovered I can’t backup Pirates of the Caribbean to one disc. I tried DVD Decrypter and VOBblanker on it, but clonedvd 2 just won’t write the files.

Just hope someone has an idea about my disc splitting problem.

Had no problem backing up the main movie with only english language. Region 1
I don’t care for any of the extras and previews.

Used an older version of Anydvd and CloneDvd2.
Not sure which version it was.

Thanks JP…I’ve tried 3 different pirates disc, but I keep having the same problem. I tried backup with the same perimeters as you.

These are two frustrating issues for me.

I use clonedvd 2.5 and all I have to do is tell the program to split the movie.
It has always worked.
I have a jvc dvd and I use a sony dvd recorder. I haven’t had any luck with slysoft software.

I use clonedvd and I split according to instructions. Its always worked for me also, until a couple of weeks ago.

If it is the media, why will my Sony player read disc 1? When I compress the movie to 1 disc, everything plays fine.

Why is the sky blue and grass green? OK, maybe this is getting to me.

Have you tried an older CloneDVD version?

Have you tried splitting a movie which you’ve already splitted successfully in the past?

Do both discs play in your PC?

Have you tried IfoEdit and clicked “GET VTS sectors”?

Do you have access to Sonic DVD PrePlay?

Did you change anything in your Sony DVD player’s System Menu?