Splitting audio from avi


I have just download a avi file and it was dudded in another language but I can hear the original english voice in the background. My question is there a software or how can I remove the foreign language and restore the avi file to its original english voice.
Thanks in advance.

Try VirtualdubMod. You maybe able to strip out the audio tracks individually or just disable the foreign dubbing. When resaving use Direct Stream Copy as this saves re-encoding the video.

You surely cannot, probably it’s just overdubbed on the english audio…

You’re probably right, but it’s always worth a try.

Just read another thread that might be relevant.

In that one it’s Mpeg rather than Avi but the stereo audio has one language on 1 channel & another on the other channel. My thought there was editing the audio with Goldwave, Wavelab etc & delete one of the channels & then replicate the remining channel to the other one.
Goldwave will extract the audio from an avi file as long as it’s not dolby. Worth a try I guess.
BTW I’m no audio expert , not even close.

Yes, that’s really worth a try. :wink:

Thanks guys for all the advises and pointers. I have tried using VirtualDubMob but not successful. I will try TimC’s suggestion and see whether it works.