Splitting a large encoded mp3 audio file

I’m reposting my question here:

I am trying to split a large mp3 file (approx 120 mb recorded in 16kps approx 3 + hrs long) It’s an audio book (New Testament) that I think is encoded. I want to cut it into many smaller parts. With music files (that are shorter) I would just burn it as an audio file to CD and then rip back to the HD and Voila!. All encoding would then be gone. This file is too large to burn as an audio CD. I already tried to cut it with “Mp3 Splitter” which normally works great. But I’ve noticed that with some Albumwrap files it can get funny about recompressing the file and gives a debugger message and refuses to cut the file. This file isnt an ALBW file but it gave an error message about encryption or licenses or something like that.I’m stumped as to what to do. I am currently using a trial version of Nero Ultra 6.6. I’m not sure if the final version will enable me to do what I want to do. Any help and direction from you guys who know your stuff would be appreciated Thx Chas

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Gee I didnt know. I thought I’d be better off in the audio threads. Thanks for letting me know. And for the advice. I’ll have to try the wave editor in Nero. Thx again

You’re welcome.

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