Splitting a file onto 2 CD-Rs

I have some files that are 750 - 900 mbs, and I want to back them up on CD-Rs. However, the CD-Rs only hold 700 mb. My question is, is there a way I can do something along the lines of make a self-extracting spanning files and burn it on 2 CDs? If I can’t do it like that (that’s just the first thought I had), how can I back up these files onto CD-Rs? There must be a way to split them into 2 pieces, right? Thanks for any help.

What type of files are they?
If they’re data files, have you considered compressing them? Programs like WinZip or ZipGenius are two really good ones to look at.

I tried using Winrar at the highest compression level, but it wasn’t enough. Would winzip or zipgenius do a better job? The files are ISOs that I copied onto my computer a while back, but because my CD burner is really old, and isn’t a “safedisc 2 cracker”[?] I just want to burn them as data discs, so that I have backups (I don’t have the original CDs anymore, because they are my brother’s, but he went away to college).

I just realized I could use RAR volumes to do this. I’m such a retard… Oh well, I guess that’s why they call it the newbie forum.

I’m such a retard…

No, you apparently didn’t read the rules though. If you want help with backing stuff up, you gotta own the originals…

I’m afraid that’s true, and [U]here’s a link[/U] to the rules. Thread closed.