Splitting a DVD9 on 2 DVD



Hi i have a season dvd and i would like to be able to split the DVD9 in half and burn it on 2 DVD’s. I have tried DVD FAB and it worked good, but now it only splits a episode in the middle. Are there any other programs out there that make it so the menues appear on both DVD?


Yes you can with DVD shrink or CloneDVD you can splite a DVD9 anywhere you want to :iagree:


You will need dvdremake pro if you want to keep menus


clonedvd2 will allow you to preserve menus, but it will have to be the full menus. the help file gives a decent tutorial on how to use the “scissors” function in clonedvd.

basically if you try to select a menu option for something that’s not on the disc it takes you back to the menue again so you can’t really screw up. it’s a matter of whether or not you mind having useless menu options there. if that bothers you you’d have to look into creating your own menus which is beyond me!


it’s not a free program but you get a fully functional 21 day trial.


shrink won’t let him keep the menus in once he goes into reauthor mode to start cutting though as far as I know…


Late jumping in here but…

Just a word about fab since you already have it. If you’re spliiting, you’re obviously using gold. The season disc option is inconsistent, I wouldn’t use it. Try “Full Disc option” on the 1st page, click “Preserve menus on disc 2” (pg. 3). Also on this page, you can choose how to split, ie., use slider to choose size/disc. I’ve had good luck with this, the down side is that on a 3 episode disc, you may exceed 4.37 GB and since gold won’t compress, you’ll need to compress via express or another app such as shrink.

Hope this helps.



In the full mode in dvd shrink, highlight episode then choose insert still image from the compression drop down menu to the right for the episodes that you want to cut out of each disc.



default settings preserve menu on both discs. tutorial references all free software too.