Splitting a DVD

I have a DVD 9 movie that I want to backup onto a DVD+R. I want to have the closest quality possible to the original and it seems that compressing it will not allow the quality to be as good. Does anyone know how to split the 8 gig DVD in half so I can burn it on 2 DVD discs instead of compressing it to fit on one and losing out on quality? Thank you.

Look here for DVD Shrink guides. the CloneDVD sneak preview will also do it (look for the scissors in the preview window).

Yea I tried the DVD shrink guide and followed the exact steps but the quality of the DVD still wasnt as good as I want it to be. If there is a way to split it and then burn it on 2 DVD’s instead of one that would be perfect as long as the quality is just as good as the original.

what version of CloneDVD has the scissors??

I use DVDXCopy to split movies on two discs because I’m lazy and it’s the easiest way.

After all it becomes an exact copy, I don’t like to have to fiddle with settings if it’s already perfect :smiley:

Edit: You need any version besides DVDXCopy Xpress to split the DVD.
Be aware that because of a lawsuit against them DVDXCopy will have to take it’s descrambling part out of it’s software soon (within a week). So then you would have to run AnyDVD in the background.

Future versions of CloneDVD are supposed to have a movie split option, in fact I’ve heard that there is one already. I haven’t looked into it yet though.

Originally posted by Pivo
what version of CloneDVD has the scissors??

CloneDVD 2 Sneak Preview.