Splitting a 1120Mb file over 2 disks with Nero

Im very new to this forum and i was wondering if some one could tell me how to split a 1120Mb file over 2 disks (this file will also be encoded into VCD using the nero encoder)
please help.

the only way i know of doing it, is what i learned by reading chickenmans detailed and easy to follow tutorials situated here

it may seem a little more complicated than just burning straight to vcd with nero, but as far as i know nero doesn’t allow you to split files. besides, the quality is far better when you follow chickenmans guide. i came to this site with the same question and now here i am answering yours, so trust me, it works!

hope that helps


Is the original file you are refering to an avi? I guess you can just split it with any other app like VirtualDub or something and then make a vcd of each file separately.
Reading Chickenman’s guide as Eli suggested will help you a lot.

thanks for that, i will give it a go