[split] Which drive should I buy

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I’m looking for your advice on the purchase of an OEM LO SOHW-1653S for u$60 (49 euros). This unit would be mainly used for HDD backup, burning of audio-cds for car usage and, eventualy, for dual-layer DVD duplication from a LO SOHD-167T (actually a Sony DDU1513).

Would it be a reasonable election for those tasks? May I get a better cost/benefit relationship increasing my budget up to u$100 (80 euros)? Which unit would you suggest?

Cheers from the far south

Don´t know the prices in your country, but I´ll never buy these days this old 1653s for 49 Euro.

Get better one of this drives:

Pioneer 109/110
NEC 3540
Benq 1640
LG 4163

the 1653s is old now!!! For the same price you can get a new model like Scour said.

Thanks for your postings guys. That’s the kind of advice I was looking for.


If you don´t know what to buy, just tell us what drives you can get in your country :slight_smile:

Then I will accept your kind offer. In addition to the mentioned unit, here (i.e., in Neverland) I can also buy:

LG 4163b
LG GWA4164b
Sony D26a
Sony Dwq28a
Sony DRU 720a
Assus 1608p
Pioneer Dvr109
Pioneer 110DI
BenQ Dw1620
LO Sohw 1673S
NEC 3540a

All of them are in the range u$62 to u$88 and, thus, within my current budget. I’m not listing individual prices cause quotes may not be directly comparable (some are OEM, some are boxed, some vendors are more “serious” than others, etc.).

Could you rank and/or comment on these units?
Is there a clear “blue chip” in the list?

Many thanks in advance

the benq dw1640, the liteon 1693s and the nec 3540 are good drives. get one of them.

My rank:

  1. Pioneer 110DI : Look at the first scans:

  2. Pioneer Dvr109 / Asus 1608p : Good writing quality, but with some media not the fastest

  3. NEC 3540a: Look here:


  1. Benq 1620: Very good with DVD+R

  2. LG GSA 4163: Good allrounder, but two newer models on the way

  3. Sony Dwq28a = Liteon 1693. Good writer

  4. Sony D26a / LO Sohw 1673S / Sony DRU 720a :writer can be updates to 1693S

The LG 4164 I don´t know

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