Split VBR MP3 and Speeding up the MP3

Hi !

I have a MP3 which I like very much. I want to make it my ringtone. 2 problems:

  • It’s long and I only needed 30 secs of it. I use TrackMaker to split it. I used this successfully before but this time, it says it does not support Variable Bit MP3. So does it mean VBR type cannot be split or I need another software to do the job ? Any recommendation ?

  • After the splitting is done, the music will be slightly longer than 30 sec. I want to “squeeze it” to 30 sec. What utility should I use ?

Thanks for your advice.

For a ‘ringtone’ I’d load it into Audacity, chop it and change the speed and re-save it as an MP3 at the desired bitrate. If you just need to cut it, MP3 DirectCut can do that.