Split Process problem in DVDFab 3.9



I would appreciate it if any one could be of help with my issue! I was doing a back up for the movie Blood Diamond using DVDFab 3.9 edition. Since the movie was 2 hours and 25 minutes I was using the split process with this edition. When using the split process it took DVDFab 2:25 minute read/decrypt the movie and store it the temp file.
I know its not the secondary or primary drivers as I unistalled/installed both and it was still taking that long.
Can any one tell me if this is a problem DVDFab is having with this movie? If DVDFab 3.9 has a split process problem?

Thanking you in advance,



It may be this movie, Fernando. Another user yesterday said it took well over an hour (not sure if it was split mode or not). Took me about 45 minutes (longer than normal) using Customize/No Menus.:confused:



So you think it is the movie that has some code or something which makes for DVDFab to decrypt a longer time and not the program? You have not heard of any one else having the same problem only you and me?
If you try it with another movie please let me know! i will try with another movie myself


Yes, the other poster I mentioned had a very long decryption of this same movie (BD). I have done about 4 other titles with this version at normal speed (18-25 minutes).



Can i ask you something? How can I use the customize process to split a dvd that is 2 hours nad 25 minutes long? i only know how to use the split process