Split Problems



I still get the message to insert a DL disk for the write operation. I also noticed a difference in the split sizes between and When would not accept a single layer disk I used the Write Data option. The disk 1 wrote but was unusable, the was fine.
There were no problems with, no DL requests and the disks wrote correctly.

Before the Devil Knows Your Dead
Preserve menus on Disk 2 unchecked
Disk 1 Size Disk 2 Size
4221 3635
Preserve menus on Disk 2 unchecked
Disk 1 Size Disk 2 Size
3904 3952


I have tested this too. See this post for my results: http://club.cdfreaks.com/2063573-post34.html


I read your post and this is exactly the same problem I had with the slider and chapter advance. I did the same DVD with and it worked fine.


I thought it sounded similar to what you found. I don’t use Split mode, but I hope they get it fixed for everyone that does.


Hi bedecc,

We can reproduce the problem, please wait for next version which should be out very soon, thanks!

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Hi,I have tested V.5025 with the same movie in all modes (full disc,main movie,customise and split mode. First i wrote the movie in my HDD and then in a DVD+RW. In every case the results are O.k. :clap: But the [U]big news[/U] [U]are for the ‘’ split mode’’[/U] . NO MORE error 300, no more need for DL_disc and also the video doesn’t freeze when using the position slider to jump around the movie.The only problem i found in V 5025 compare to V5022 is that is slower.V 5025 goes with 2,64-2,65 MB/s and 5022 with 12-14 MB/s.In ‘‘split mode’’ 5025 takes 52 min and 5022 took about 12min.The same with full disc using DVD9.So exept this minor problem i think that Version for DVD to DVD is a very-very stable version.
VERY GOOD work Fengtao. THANKS:clap::clap::clap:


Hi ant1rock,

For slow copying speed problem, you can try “Reset DMA” in “Settings -> General” to see the result.

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Split problems solved with and it is running as fast as ever for me. Thanks Fengtao.