"Split Problem" with v5.0.2.0

I am having a “split problem” with the version. When the writing task has been completed, for some strange reason it keeps defaulting to and asking me for a dual layer dvd to write to. I have tried several times and the same problem reappears. I did not have this problem with version

Will there be a fix for this problem soon?

My system:
I’m running a dual core Athlon64 4200
Win XP Pro
Samsung SH-S203B DVD Writer

Anyone else experiencing this problem???

Thanks in advance.


Me too. I tried to backup “Untraceable” by splitting using The read was ok. Task 2 (disc 1 write) reported finishing ok, but the disc was blank. Task 3 (disc 2 write) kept requesting a DL disc and would not proceed. The read was fine as I went back and used “write data” to burn the discs.

I’ll try the Write Data option, too. Thanks. But is this problem uiniversal with or is it unique to certain hardware? I would have thought that if the problem were universal, more people would have spoken up here on the forum. I just hope that it gets corrected.


Ialso have same problem.It works in other modes but not split ,always ask for duel layer disk. Did clean uninstall no change.