Split out only part of a single file?

Can someone please point me to the best software for doing this, or directions? I have a DVD that was home-made ( a friend burned some home videos onto a DVD for me), and it’s all one big file, with no chapters, etc.

What do I need in order to pull out separate sections into their own images or files, for reauthoring? I can’t split it by chapters, since there aren’t any, but if there is good software where I can point to a certain frame or clock-time, etc?

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(sorry - I’ve reposted this over in the Video Edit forum!)

You say one big file, so i guess it’s a mpeg file, if so you can use tmpg encoder, very
easy to use, you can download a trial version of it!

I’m not really sure… it’s just a DVD+R that he burned… I’ll have to check when I get home.

Hi there,

I’m sure that there is a lot of software around which can do this job. Cyberlink Power Director 4 is one of this packages. You can easy detect the scenes of your file automatically or split the file into scenes on positions which you have selected. The only thing on which I’m not sure is, if the free trial (app. 107MB) version which you can find under the link above supports all these functions. Pinnacle Studio should also be able to do the job but I haven’t it tried yet. Hope this helps.