Split or not to? Decrypter & Womble. HELP!



Where am I going wrong? Help!

  1. I convert my old analog video’s to digital with standalone DVD Recorder, then import to PC with DVD Decrypter.

  2. I select Main Movie files to get rid of the menu inserted by standalone DVD Recorder.

  3. I deselect “file splitting” from “file menu” option in DVD Decrypter, because I need to edit one complete file in Womble MPEG Video Wizard… Otherwise if I import split files there is a noticable glitch when playing the next VIDEO_TS file in sequence!!

  4. Once editing is complete in Womble, it outputs to AVI.

  5. Then I use TMPGEnc DVD Author to create menu & chapters and then output files from here to VIDEO_TS AUDIO_TS files and burn.

  6. Done.

  7. I insert DVD in to standalone player and it sais “NO DISC”!!! But it works on the PC & DVD Recorder!

If this has something to do with file splitting not recognized by stand alone DVD players, how do I overcome this?
Even if I import split files in to Womble its going to output to one AVI file in the end anyway?

I’ve learned how to do all this in a few days, and my heads just not taking in anymore.

All I want to do is minimal editing, out the ads and trim start end.

Where am I going wrong???


are you sure that your standalone player is compatable with the media used?

  1. Once editing is complete in Womble, it outputs to AVI.

WTF? Why take an mpg, edit it in an mpg editor, then output an avi?
Just output mpg from Womble, that’s what it’s designed to do. I didn’t even know that it could output avi…:?

Tmpgenc DVD Author doesn’t encode, it authors. How are you getting the (supposed) avi to mpeg-2 dvd format?


yes the media is compatible.

actually its an mpeg file output from Womble not AVI. I thought it was AVI because it does not output VIDEO_TS files. It outputs the one with the WMP logo.

Cmon guys, do I need to split the files again or what?

DVD Decrypter only splits from Disc not file located on computer, so Im gonna have to burn and reimport and burn again!

Theres gotto be a simpler way.

This post will fade away too I bet.


iam no expert, but i re-autor my simpsons dvds to cut out all the crap.

  1. extract each episode to its own video_ts folder using re-autor in dvd shrink.
  2. re-compile using dvdlab to add menu and links.


Womble only cuts on I frames, unless you re-encode the sequence joins.
If you do frame accurate cuts in something else, and do not re-encode the joins, the video will be out of spec, because each GOP containing a join will not have 18 frames (or 15 if you’re in PAL land).
Because the GOP is out of spec, your player doesn’t recognize the disk.
If you want to do it right, you need to re-encode the cut video, or purchase a player that’s not so fussy.