Split one component video feed across 4 tv's?

Is there any way I can split a single component video cable over a 2x2 TV wall?

To achieve what exactly?

What source do you have, cable, sat, terrestrial, web?

I am basically wanting to use 4 tv’s & have each of them display 1/4 of the overall image. And it would be either a component or HDMI source.

It seems you’d need 4 separate video cards (or outputs, Matrox makes some multi output cards) some custom software and a pretty fast computer to do that. Here’s a company that sells an outboard box that can do it: http://www.digitalsignagelcd.com/video-wall-lcd-hardware.html. Not cheap. Google ‘video wall hardware’ for more info.

You will require a computer server running a network operating system and the appropriate software.

Another example: http://www.9xmedia.com/new/products/video-wall.php