Split not working

My friend has DVDFab Platinum and I’m borrowing is comp to backup my Wrestling DVDs collection. I am using the “DVD to Mobile-Generic” way…

All of them are over 2h30 long, so I would like to split them into 2 CDs or sometimes 3 CDs. However, almost everytime I try this, when it comes to the spliting part (say 50%) of the process, then DVDFab hangs, freezes.

Now, doing a full conversion with no split, I have no problem. At one time, the split did work for no obvious reasons because my settings were all the same except for the “split” part…

I’m converting around 40fps, so you might imagine that it takes about same time as the length of my DVD to convert… Having to wait 1h or more just to see that it didn’t work, I don’t need to mention the frustration.

So until I can have some help, I will continue going with the “no split” option, but I really would prefer having this problem solved.
Thanks for any help!

Have you read and followed the instructions in DVDFAB’s tutorial? This sounds like a configuration issue. What type of device are you planning to use your backup copy on? Did you set the NO SPLIT to SPLIT BY CHAPTER? There are other types of configurations in the CONFIGURE window to adjust, as well. All depends on what device your using. Your players documention should provide the information needed to configure those settings. Hope this helps!

I don’t really understand what you mean by “device”. Do you mean where’ll read back my final file? If that is so, I am using DVDFab to convert my DVD to Xvid for future watchings on my computer, that’s it. I should then suppose my device is my computer, but I don’t think this is much help.

There aren’t any chapters on the DVDs I’m trying to back up. Say for instance the one I am doing right now, it is 1 big track/chapter of 2h39. I would’ve set my options to spliting to 2 CD (but I’m not doing it since it hangs at the split point).

Oh, and to answer your question about the split I’ve set: I did not use “NO SPLIT” as this isn’t what I want obviously. And there is no “SPLIT BY CHAPTER” in the options regarding the Generic converting. There isn’t very much configurations needed for this type of converting. All I need is to know what filesize I want, what bitrate, what bit/pixels, framerate, Audio compression, those type of things. Those are pretty standards, and surely not the reason why it’s hanging at split point
The only configurations closely related to my problem are wether I want to split by 1 CD, 2 CD, 3CD or No Split… and actually, that is where my problem lies… so… :doh:

Update to the latest version for the Split by Chapter function. It is explained, as QuickDraw pointed out, in the tutorial here. I don’t think it will help you if the original DVD has no chapters.:confused: If it does, you can use Advanced Title Settings to split it up any way you want.

Thanks for helpiong… sadly this is not a solution either. I do not wish to split by chapter, as I said there is NO chapter on the DVDs I’m ripping… Just 1 single track of say 1h30, 2h35, whatever the time is.

And even if there was any chapters, I still wish to make a split by CD… say 1 CD, 2 CD, etc where 1CD is defined in the cummon settings. I believe that if this option is there, it should work without updating. So there must be some answer to all this. I surely ain’t the firts one with this simple problem. I don’t wish to update blindly without knowing what is happening :frowning:

You could use DVDShrink’s Set Begin/End Points function to break the large title into smaller titlesets, then use DVDFab to process them into AVIs.