Split Movie



So I have this movie but it is split into more than one part on my computer. Could anyone please help me so I can put the movie back together for my iPod? (I probably won’t understand all the computer jargon, so please make it so I’ll understand =] ) Any input is appreiated. Thanks =]


What format are those ‘parts’ in??.. avi, mp4, vob??


It depends entirely on how it was split. What is the extension on the files? Is it .avi or .mpeg or .mp4? These are video files that can be joined by an editor.

Or is it .rar, .zip or .7z? These are compression formats that have to be extracted into one file.


If it’s an .avi, try AviDemux. Open the first file and then append the next one.


It’s .mp4. Guess I should have made that clear, sorry!


This movie I have on my computer is .mp4. How on earth do I put it back together? (I’m not the one who split it up, you see) Are there any free programs I can use?
Any input is really appreciated.
Thanks =]


No need to start another thread hoopla. I’ve merged your second one into the first.

sikoone already gave you an option for combining your videos. AviDemux is free to use. http://fixounet.free.fr/avidemux/


Thanks everyone =]