"Split" issue with v4102

Hi all. New here Have one question. With previous versions of DVDFab, when selecting the “Split” option, the software automatically calculated the amount of disk space to be used for both Disk 1 and Disk 2. With the latest version of the software, those two fields remain blank. Has the feature changed? Am I perhaps overlooking something?

Your help is appreciated.

Hi mykey1228 and welcome to cdfreaks,

I never use the split option, so I’m not sure how much help I’ll be…
Anyway, I just tried it on a couple of flicks. There doesn’t appear to be a problem with configuring/calculating discs 1 & 2, at least for me.

I hate to ask the obvious, but are you certain the disc you’re attempting to split is too large for an SL disc?.
I dunno about you, but sometimes I need a 2x4 across the forehead before I see something…:bigsmile:

Here’s a couple of screenshots:

maineman, thanks for your reply and it’s good to be here. This forum is an outstanding resource for DVDFab users and it’s largely because of good people like yourself.

Anyway, to the point of my post. The issue has been resolved. For some reason, when I attempted to split a two-DVD set, one of which was “Part 1” and the other “Part 2”, it wouldn’t automatically divide each disk into nearly equal sizes. In this case, of course, I would have ended up with four SL disks. Perhaps it was just the way the disk was constructed insofar as it came as a “Split Set” from the distributor. Perhaps that created a problem for DVDFab in attempting to execute the Split function. (Btw, each original disk was over 6GB in size. I actually ended up burning each disk to a one SL disk compressed to 60% of the original.)

In the final analysis, I determined that there was not a problem with DVDFab 4102 when I had another original DVD that I wished to create a backup of and that disk was split fine by DVDFab, automatically allocating an appropriate size for each disk.

maineman, Thank you for your time and effort in responding. It was very much appreciated.

Glad to hear you worked it out…:cool:
Another option for you is to use customize mode. This will require a bit more hands on, but by selecting [B]Advanced Title Settings[/B], you can manually configure your rips and essentially split to 2 SL without any compression.

Hello Maineman, Did you actually burn your movies in SPLIT mode? I have been unable to play burned discs in standalone players since Platinum4xxx. Are you playing on computer or standalone? I might add that chapters can be selected in SPLIT mode. Any assistance would be appreciated. Thanks.

Hi crtguy,

No I just wanted to see that the disc was populated correctly for split mode.
Like I said, I never use this mode, so I’m just guessing at much of this.

From what mykey said, the app was failing to do this.
Several years ago, I experimented a bit with split mode (the old Gold 2.xxx…actually part of platinum way back when).
When the split function failed, I used shrink.
More recently, I have tinkered a bit with splitting to 2 SL discs, but I find the customize mode far superior to split mode, but again, I plead ignorance as I really don’t split discs much