Split hard disk at 2?(how?)



I have a 160gb hard disk and i want to divide it in 2.I don’t know how but some friend of mine said something about magic partition.My disk is not empty.It’s my master drive…Can anyone help???Is there a possible way to split it without deleting the files i have.


powerquest partition magic is what you are thinking of. it works great but it will cost you around $70 us. there are some free non destructive partition tools but i am not sure how to use them. you can do a search on google for free non destructive partition tools. one is called ranish but as i said i am unsure how to use it. i use partition magic


Yes there is.

There are a number of programs avaliable. I will run through Partition Magic 8 as that is what I know. Actually I was using it this morning to split a drive in two.

Install and run.
Hit the “Make New Partition” button on the left hand side.

Hit Next.

Choose which drive you want to split. You will only have one. hit next.

Here you can shoose where to put your new drive. I suggest “After”. This should come up as teh reccommended options. Hit next.

now you can choose the size for the new drive. If you want to drive the sme size then you will need to enter 80000 here. It may change slightly. Next give your new drive a name. Something like sparedisk, seconddrive, etc… Leave the other two settings on reccommended. Hit next.

It will then come up and show you what you have donw and what your new disk will look like. Hit finish.

Nothing has been donw yet. You have simply set the options you want to change. To actually do your changes hit the “Apply” button in th ebottom left corner. This will start the process. SOme warning may come up. Read them and hit yes to continue.

That should do it. The program will reboot the computer into dos and do the changes. It will then reboot back into windows with all of the changes done.

Hope this helps.


i will try partition magic.I hope it will not erase my hard disk because i can’t stand another format…


Partition magic…will take free drive space and make a new partition without loss of data…nothing is bulletproof…but it’s a damn good program this arena…:slight_smile:


How can I divide my HDD it is 465Gb…


If the hard drive you desire to split isn’t your active drive and isn’t “too full” you can often do it through the native disc management (Control panel>Administrative Tools>Computer Management>Storage>Disc Management)
in Windows Vista or Windows 7.

Or if you have somewhere you can move the data on your drive somewhere else (another drive)
you can delete the partition on the drive (this destroys all data) and reformat the drive (a quick format
typically takes 10-20seconds) then create volumes to your liking on the drive.

and in any of those cases buying a $70 program to do it is just plain silly…

You can if you like send $10 to me… or donate money to support the sits…

465gb sounds like the volume of a 500gb drive
(the difference between 1000 & 1024)

What I ytypically do when setting up a system with a 500gb drive (500gb WD “blue drives” are one of the best deals going now as smaller sata drives are the same price) is to partition the drive to use the “change” (anything over the 400) as a Operating System partition
and leave the remainder as “unallocated space” until the OS installation is complete.