Split Fails with Platinum v3.0.3.6 Beta

Every time! I’ve tried 5 Movies so far, and it wants a dual layer disk even though a Split is on to DVD-R Media by definition!

I’ve also posted this issue yesterday on the v3.0.5.6 Beta Thread. No one responded to it, so obviously, no one even tried it because IT DOESN’T WORK.

In a practicle world, there’s only so much time people can waste with stupid stuff, so, I’m really kind of wondering what real value the Moderators and experienced people are contributing on this Forum other than sending accolades of praise to each other…I see a lot of that!

So, I’m going to back-rev again to v3.0.3.5 and Split and burn the Movies that I wanted to copy today…

Have you selected DVD5 as the media instead of DVD9

What kind of answer is this? If you know how the Program works, I’ve only Selected “Split.” By “definition” one is “splitting” a DVD9 to 2-DVD5’s.

So, does getting prompted for a Dual Layer Disc in this scenerio make any sense to you? Have you taken 2 seconds and tried it? Try it with v3.0.3.6 Beta…And tell me if you like it.

Oh, and by the way. This issue first appeared in Platinum v3.0.3.6 Beta. And, as I Split a lot of Discs, I’m naturally not to happy about not being able to leverage any of the actual “fixes” in the v3.0.3.6 Beta.

I am using Gold not Platinum and the only reason I commented was in case there is a glitch in this last version, perhaps having pre-selected DVD5 prior would resolve this possible glitch (anything is worth a try when its not working). The splitting option is the same in both version I assume.

hi, jfagnani

We have found the split problem in, which will be fixed in next version, please be patient.


Yea…Thanks Ting!

I do thank you for trying to help with the suggestion…DVD5 is the default Setting though.