Split episode DVD and preserve menus possible?

Is it possible to split a two episode DVD and preserve the menus of each episode? Is there a software that can do this automatically?

Yes - use the excellent freeware prpgram vobblanker. There are plenty of guides how to use. Just search using google.

It’s not totally automatic but is easy to use.

BTW: Vobblanker will only work with non copy protected DVDs so you may need to use other software to rip DVD to hard disk first e.g. dvd decrypter

I dunno if this is the proper forum but I got a friend who just got back from Indonesia and gifted me 2 DVD disks each of which contains 8 movies. My question is: what software do I use to separate the movies and burn them in separate disks? Incidentally, I scanned one of the disks and discovered it has four over 1-gb vbo files, one 375 mb vbo file, one 54 kb vob file and one 152 kb vbo file. It has also one 402 kb ifo file, one 12 kb ifo file, and one 402 kb bup file in its VIDEO_TS folder. Its AUDIO_TS folder contains nothing.
So any suggestions how I can separate the movies and burn them into their individual disks?

DVDShrink can do it. Use Re-Author mode in DVD-Shrink.
See this guide http://dvdshrink.info/reauthor_basic.php

Shrink does not preserve menus in reauthor mode. If there are menus which you like to keep: take a look at DvdReMake Pro.