Split DVD9 to 2 DVD5's - CGP issues

Two questions…

  1. When I use the split DVD9 to 2 DVD5’s function, I get “Insert Disk 1” CGP at the start of play of 2nd DVD5. Is this a bug or a intentional feature??
    If its intentional, I find that annoying. How can I remove/disable that??

  2. Also is there a way to preview a CGP (how it looks)??

What version of DVDFab are you using? The prompt to put in the 1st disc should only show up if you select a title that is on the 1st disc. You can disable the prompts (actually, change them to a black screen) in Common Settings–>Split. I do my splits manually in Customize mode. It takes a little longer, but gives more control over the final structure.

  1. It’s by design for now, since the content on startup maybe commercials, and it do exists on disc 1 after split, so you will see “Insert Disc 1” when playing disc 2.

  2. Sorry, there is no way to preview CGP for now.

We are redesigning Split feature, so it will be improved in the future.

Thanks a lot fengtao & signals for your prompt replies.

But I didn’t get what you said about the reason why “Insert Disk1” should appear when playing disk 2. Is “Insert Disk 1” a part of commercials?? Am I missing something?? Could you please explain the reason again??

The problem with that is I loose the CGP totally i.e. I also get a black screen at the end of Disk 1.
What I want is a prompt to “Insert Disk 2” at the end of Disk 1, but no prompt to enter anything (not even a black screen for a few seconds) at the beginning of Disk 2.

Have you tried 1) checking the box to “Jump to Split Title on Disc 2” (this should give a clean start to the interrupted movie) or UNchecking the box to “Preserve Menus on Disc 2” (this usually pushes most of the junk to Disc 1)?
If the above don’t produce an acceptable result I have an idea for another workaround for this but will have to do some experimenting, maybe next week.

Thanks for the reply signals,

I WANT to preserve the menus on both the disks and also want Disk 2 to start with the same menu as Disk 1 (these are necessary conditions, so that I have the freedom of selection on both disks), hence do not want “Jump to Split Title on Disc 2”.

PS: It just occurred to me that as of now may be the problem lies in the CGP. I don’t know if its possible but can I edit the CGP and get rid of the “Insert disk 1” image??

I understand a little better now what your goals are in this. I’ll have to get back to you later on workarounds.:slight_smile:

Sorry for making myself unclear before… :frowning:

As I was talking about modifying the CGP itself. I guess editing a CGP is not possible.
But is it necessary to create a CGP with four images (Insert Disk 1, Insert Disk 2, Insert Disk 3, The End). Can’t I create a CGP with only two images (Insert Disk 2 , The End) or rather only one image (Insert Disk 2) (since I know when the movie ends :D.).
Even then how to try to do that since the new DVDFAB doesn’t have the option to create a CGP??

I tried a way around. Somewhat close to what I want.
I created a CGP with the 1st, 3rd & 4th image as black and the 2nd image as “Insert Disk 2”.
This gave “Insert Disk 2” at the end of play of Disk 1, but gave black screen (seems as if nothing) at the beginning of Disk 2.

Now one more thing. It seems the CGPs for “Custom Copy” are different or differently made. The normal CGPs created using TMPGenc, Ifoedit & DVDFab route do not show up in “Custom Copy” list. Aways only two of them “Black Screen” & “DVDFab” shows up. Why??
DVDFab CGP is different since apart from, may be 4 images, it also has “Content Removed” image in it. How was it made??

Please let me know since I want to achieve the same thing with “Custom Copy” mode.