Split dvd-9 problem /w "sex and the city" season2



I’m using dvdfab and until now I had no problems.
A few days ago I started to backup my “sex and the city” DVD collection, splitting the DVDs from DVD-9s to DVD-5s. Seasons 3 and 4 were perfectly split; however the 3 DVDs of season 2 are not correctly managed by DVDfab.
When I select the “main movie” or “customize” feature I can correctly see the chapters, menus, etc. so everything seems OK.
When I try the “split” feature, the “DVD to DVD - Split” panels are empty - no chapter, menus - nothing

This is happening with “sex and the city” - season 2 ONLY / season 3,4 and 6 are OK (haven’t tried season 1 and 5 yet)

any idea?


Not sure why this happens, others have reported similar problems with certain episodic TV discs. I think Fab gets confused by the structure of these discs that provide what looks like one huge title with all episodes together and the individual episode titles. I use Customize for backing up TV episodes; takes a few more clicks, but gives you much more control.