Split by chapter major bug

Using release.

Here’s how to replicate:

  • DVD to Mobile (ipod)
  • select a DVD with music videos on it.
  • select chapters 7-12 in the advanced title settings
  • select ipod-5.5G
  • enable split by chapter

What happens is that it encodes chapters 1-6 rather than 7-12! So split by chatper doesn’t work properly if you don’t start at chapter 1.

Same here. Told it to split by chapter and selected chapters 5 and 6, produced output with chapters 1 and 2. I think Advanced Title Settings may be the problem, looks like it would split the whole thing up by chapters if the whole concert was allowed to be processed.

Another other bug I’ve found in the same area.

If you use “DVD to iPod” and do a split by chapter, you end up with 1 mpv file per chapter. This is good.

However the meta information inside the MP4 container is set so that every title has the same name. So when you import them all into iTunes, they are all called the same thing and are indistinguishable. This is bad.

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Please try DVDFab to see the result:



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