Split burn probs

Hi guys.
Im using the trial version of fabdvdd.
I’m having quite a few difficulties in the split burn mode.


I put in disk one.
The menu comes up and then says to put in disk two.

Also i tried burning without preserving menus and then its all good but when i put the second disk in it has subtitles that need to be turned off.
Any ideas guys.
I need a good split burning application.


Hi Back,
This is my first time. I’m new. I’m having the same problem. Hope someone reads this soon that might be able to help. The thing that I’ve had to do in the past, ( when the burning part of the Fab beta was working ) was to split the movie and burn them one disc at a time, but on disc 2 I would burn it using the main movie mode where I could uncheck all the subpitcure ( subtitle ) boxes, However you may loose some special features. I do this after copying the split to my hard drive. Until they fix the burning problem I am having to use another burning program. Please don’t let this discourage you from buying the DVDFab Platinum program. I think it is a great program and would recommend it to anyone. It’s not perfect yet but they try. :rolleyes: