Split an ISO image



Is it possible to split a ISO image into small pieces?


:iagree: Use a ISO Splitter


any programs that are “ISO Splitters”?


Well, this depends on what you want to do.
If you want to span an ISO image, you can archive it in WinRAR or WinZip or similar software supporting multi-volume archives.
If you want to extract the files and make lots of new small ISO files out of it you would be better off with an ISO-editing software such as Magic ISO, UltraISO, ISO Commander…


If you’re just trying to archive and save it for later use, you can use 7-ZIP to create 700MB (CD-sized) or 4.2 GB (DVD-Sized) files. The ISO will be unusable until you un-zip it.

I don’t know of a way to divide an ISO and make it usable - I don’t know if it’s even possible without getting extremely technical.


If it’s an ISO of a video DVD open it in DVD Shrink and cut it in Re-Author mode, save as ISO. Lather, Rinse, repeat…


you can find one in the fileutils package.
To use it [B]split -b "size"k “file name”.iso[/B]
you can split it to any size you want.
you will end up with
To recreate the file [B]cat xa* > new-“file name”.iso [/B]