Split a dvd image into cd images?

i have a windows vista dvd image. i need to burn it to a dvd to install it but my brothers comp only has a cd rom drive. is there any way i can take the dvd image, and possibly split it into about 3 cd rom images? then burn those and install it using those cd’s? thanks

You might want to post this onto the newbie forum as someone there might be able to help you more. What your asking doesn’t seem to go for Clonecd even thought it will backup your dvd but that’s all it will do. But dvd drives are inexpensive now days might be a good time to switch over to a dvd drive. But I do remember on the cdfreaks forum people have talked about splitting a cd or dvd media over multiple media you might do a search and see if you can find them.

for a bootable cd like windows vista, you can use vlite. it’s a app for making windows vista/7 installer smaller by removing several unneeded components. but you can also mount windows installer on vlite without removing components. in saving the iso file, you will have the option to split it into small bootable parts.

goodluck m8.

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BTW, splitting an image is easily achieved by using 7zip or another packer.