Split 3.63 GB RAR File / Fat32 problem

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I’ve made a back up from a game and compressed it with WinRar. The compressed file is composed by just one file with the size of 3.63 GB. However, I want to extract it now, but a window pops up saying ‘file larger than 4 GB. Only possible in NFTS’. Now my question is: is there a way I can split the Rar file into two, so I can extract it properly in my laptop (fat32) ?
Any suggestions ?

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the simplest way without any magic is just to move the file to a friends computer, burn it to a dvd rom UDF then move it back to urs, or just go down the external hard disk route. I have win rar but am not aware of any way of splitting a rar into more than one smaller rars.

Many thanks gregtherotterius. Well indeed I have not computer around other than mine (fat32). Thanks for the reply. I’ll try the guide you gave me.
just one question. Does it have to be a dvd rom UDF, or it can be a normal DVD+R?
by the way can you tell me what is a ‘dvd rom UDF’ ?
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I’m aware that can convert my drive fat32 in nfts… I’m using XP Home Edition SP1. however, I dont want to lose any data nor my other partition. I mean that I want continue to have 2 drives… will the conversion in nfts change that?

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NO, it’s pretty safe when converting & you do it partition by partition. I would advise backing up your important data first, just in case.

XP can access FAT32 and NTFS file systems, it is the older versions of Windows 98/Me that can’t see or access NTFS partitions. I have run 4 HDD one partitioned into 4, so effectively 7 drives. Two partitions were FAT32, the other 5 NTFS, to hold Me so I could play some of my older games that don’t work under XP, and XP could access them but not the other way round. Therefore if you want to keep one partition as FAT32 you can, though personally I wouldn’t given the max file size restriction of FAT32.

Ive been looking so long for a direct SPLIT RAR BURNER software that can burn iso or any cd image directly from split rar volumes avoiding to extract it on fat32 4gb limitation " I hate NTFS.