I have a liteon ltr-48125w f/w VSO2,using clone cd vs4.0.1.10,i have tried to copy splintercell disc 3 for the pc and it copys but when i put the copied disc in it askes me to insert cd,i know it has sd2 protection but how can i copy it and what is the best software to use and what setting do i use,i am fairly new to copying so if anyone can help i would be very gratefull,thanks.

Your best bet for the latest safedisk would have to be alcohol 120%, clone cd works fine for some ppl but for some reason doesn’t work for others (like me):confused:

Why aren’t you using the latest CloneCD (

In answer to your question, orbitL is basically right. :slight_smile:

Have you been playing your backup from a CD-Rom, or with Hide CDR Media enabled? If won’t work if you don’t do one of those two things.


press the SEARCH button on the top right of the screen and type in Splinter Cell. i’ve managed to gather the info needed - no need for new posts when they’ve all been mentioned :wink:

yep, there’s lots of posts on splinter cell if u just used the search button. try to avoid run-on sentences, too; an entire paragraph represented as one sentence isn’t the easiest to read.