Splintercell pt image works, but not cd

i burnt myself a copy of splinter cell pandora tomorrow and i have successfully made an image of disc3 (safedisk 3.2) - which i know works because i tested it by mounting it onto a virtual drive - using discjuggler, but my problem is that i have tried burning the image onto a cd-r and the game simply refuses to work. it will go into the screen where you can select multiplayer or singleplayer, but when you click either one, it will go to the splash screen, continue spinning for a while, and then have an “blah blah has encountered an error and needs to close blah blah”.

i use a lite-on burner, i am not sure which model and i don’t know how to check but i remember it is a two-sheep burner if you need to know.

if anybody can give me a solution, please reply, thanks a lot.

SafeDisc 3.20 is VERY hardware dependant to make a backup of it. Did you burn at 4x? You might be able to find the model number in start/control panel/system/device manager and finding your drive.

nah it doesn’t say it there…i can’t remember what speed i burnt it at, it was either 8x or 4x, just the default for discjuggler unregistered…

Try Nero Info Tool 2.11 Download.

Many users have the problem of not being able to burn it to a CD, but their images are mountable.

For now just mount it.

i found out what burner i have, its a lite-on ltr-48125W…

I managed to get a backup of splinter cell PT to work with a ltr-48125W using the Virus2k method posted in this forum (requires cloneCD / Alcohol). The key for me was to burn at 8x onto a cd-rw (NOT cd-r), and this gave me a copy that worked in both my burner and DVD-rom. The only emulation required was the “ignore media type” in Alcohol to run the backup from my burner.


Try this method, it worked for me :wink:

but is there any way to do it without emulation?

The hide cd-r function will always be required when playing a backup from a burner. It is not needed for a read-only drive.

i play it from my lite-on dvd rom, not my burner…

If your burner is capable then, yes.

well is my burner capable? you have my model, so you tell me…

I know its good at Securom and Laserlok…

See what i can do…

Yes it can.

how can i burn it then? i have just tried true crime: streets of LA and i have the same problem…the image works fine but the cd keeps spinning if i burn it…ive even tried hide cd-r media emulation but im not sure if im using it correctly, if i am though, it still isnt working.

Have you trid the method posted by virus2k? It worked for me with the exact same burner as you have and requires no emulation to work when played from a DVD-rom.

You can use aray scanners profiler oops sorry forgot just use Alcoholer that has profiles for BlindWrite 5 and Alcohol 120%, but Alcohol 120% has its own profiles.

Since SD2.9, it no longer makes sense to say one burner can make a backup or not, because the new weak sectors are never perfectly written, regardless of how good your burner is. You will at most have a backup that play in most drives, but not all drives, and it will depend (mainly) on 2 factors :

  • how “good” the copy is. Some burners produce copies that can be read back easier than others.
  • if the reader has an error correction capable of recovering the badly burnt sectors it finds on the copy.

For Safedisk 3.15+, from my knowledge and many tests I have made, plex 8/20 of March 99 and later and plex 8/2/20 tla# 01xx make backups that work in all devices. With usual and recent Asus , Aopen and liteon CDRW you will be able to get a partial backup only.

So what programs and settings and media did you use?