Splinter Cell PT SafeDiscV2

well i tried to use ClonyXXL, Alcohler, and Alcohle 120 to make a perfect copy of splintercell pt

but when i open alcholer it doesnt detect ClonnyXXL, and thats the problem. i have ClonyXXL open but it jst doesnt detect it and i have Clonly XXL v2.0.1.5 and Alcohler v4.1

SafeDiscV2 is like 5 skulls on ClonyXXL so this must be easy to break the protection just need some help here

please :frowning: recommend me other programs or something

(EDIT) also i might add all i need is the 3rd cd and i downloaded the 3rd cd from suprnova. is it still the same as the original 3rd cd of splitner cel?

Unfortunately ClonyXXL is outdated : SCPT is protected by safedisc 3.15 in the US and sd 3.20 elsewhere.

clonyxxl is outdated? what program do i use now??

a-ray scanner

Hmmm…you downloaded the game, I can suggest only 2 things.

[li]Buy the game
[/li][li]Read the forum rules (link in my sig)
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