Splinter Cell - PT and LTR-48246S

Has anyone made a successful backup of Pandora Tomorrow using the LiteOn LTR-48246S? I seen some post with other models but not the 48246S.


Have you tried it?

The trick is to read at 4x. You should be able to create a backup using that drive.

Probably you will get a partial copy with that cd-writer. Safedisk 3.20 is hard to copy in order to get a full working backup and probably only old plexis 8x scsi can do it.

Parker, i have done a long hard search on eBay for these units. I cant find ANY!!!

Do you know anywhere else i can pick up one?


Yes I have tried it but no luck. I even tried that method of using CloneCD to read the image and A120% to write it but that didn’t help either. I guess this drive can’t do it. :sad:

Uff… I do not know man; Maybe most of users here bought all of them at ebay. You will have to wait that someone put a new auction with that device.

Try blindwrite, it should work just fine. You cannot use clonecd as it needs emulation. Alcohol may work (use safedisc 1 data type) but i definately know BW works (with and without autoplay)

Why use SafeDisk1 data type on a SD 3.15 protected game? Anyways I will download BlindWrite 5.2.0 and try it out.

Well I tried BlindWrite and it still doesn’t work. But maybe the backups that I made are fine and it’s just my Toshiba SM-1502 DVD-Rom drive that won’t read the disk. As I don’t have another DVD-Rom drive to test I won’t know. Anyone know if the SM-1502 is capable of reading a SafeDisk 3.15 backup? :confused:

The SafeDisc 2/3 Datatype is designed for writers that cannot write regular bit patterns correctly.

The SafeDisc 1 Datatype is for SafeDisc 1 and writers that can write regular bit patterns (Yours in your case).

Probably not. As Toshiba devices are fairly accurate, and sometimes cannot tolerate any faults you may have burnt.

It would also help if you also burnt at 4x:)

Your better off to play off a lite on cd unit.

Yeah, the Lite-On DVD ROMs are also very good for playing backups from.
I use the 166S and can play backups of SafeDisc 3.2 no problems.


That is a matter of opinion. Depends on the quality of the media you are using and the compatability it has in the writer.


I would suggest you invest in a Liteon DVD-Rom drive. They are extremely cheap and very tolerable.

Generally low speeds will make a better backup.

I have read my image at max and made a good backup.

Sounds more like pretty good advice to me.
Unless you can show me where anyone has reported low burning speeds causing backups to fail?


If you look at it that way then you could say, show me the proof that lowering the write speed helps! or show me where writing at max has been the sole reason for a bad copy! How do you measure one successful backup to the next? As long as it plays, what more can you do? error scans, cd-speed, etc etc are all ways of checking something that can be so negligeble, users get paranoid.

Yes i agree it is advice, but it’s not neccessarily going to seperate a bad copy from a good copy. What is more of a factor is the media used and it’s compatability in a writer.

I am soley talking about writing here. Reading at lower speeds is a different matter.

I have known various respected members here saying that it could and may as well seperate a good one from a bad one.

could is the key word there.

Anyway this is a very small point to argue on, so i will leave it.