Splinter Cell - Pandora Tomorrow



Splinter Cell Pandora, UK (European Release)

Safe Disk v3.20.022

Just recived it today …


One other thing :

CloneCD v4.3.2.2 is blacklisted.

you get the Emulation software Detected Please Uninstall before Running The Game when you try to Play the game.

Once i uninstalled CloneCD v4.3.2.2 the game Booted up.

I also did a 1/1 without the need for emulation useing CloneCD
then i uninstalled CloneCD and the game worked perfectly.


it looks like safedisk v3 is still to easy to Backup. i will look forward to SafeDisk v4 :slight_smile:


Originally posted by ViRuS2k
CloneCD v4.3.2.2 is blacklisted.

According to UbiSoft it’s just Hide CDR Media that’s blacklisted. That’s going to make emulating it tricky…

Hopefully Fireburner still does the job properly


From personal experience I only got the ‘Conflict with disk enmulation software’ error if 'd been running CloneCD in the same ‘session’ as I tried to play the game. Reboot after running CloneCD and the game started fine.

Haven’t been able to back it up though…


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It looks as if CloneCD is set to clear up all the blacklisting problems that made it in-operable for SafeDisc 3.x, cant wait to see that one. But when it is blacklisted again (bound to happen) how long will it take for them to remedy to problem? People dont pay £/$/€ for a product that doesnt do the job, ya kno?