Splinter Cell Pandora Tomorrow Dvd Backup

Does anybody could do the Splinter Cell Pandora Tomorrow Dvd backup? I already damaged 2 dvd’s, it seams that the problem is, that it requests the cd nº3 and later on the 4ºth cd, and i can’t repair the problem to a solution. I’ve Already put dvd label SC2_CD3 and the dvd works fine until he needs the cd4!!!

DVD? 4 DVDs? You must mean the CD version. Who is ‘he’?
This game is protected by SafeDisc 3.2, which is very hardware and software depandant. A good choice would be Alcohol 120% 1.9.2 (or CloneCD 5, so im told). Remember to read (create and image) and write (the image) at 4x. If you have any CD-RWs try them first, they have a better chance of succeeding. Don’t use cheapo media brands like Imation, try a nice Verbatim CD-R(s).

What CD unit are you using to read and write?


First, sorry for my bad english
I don’t want to backup de 4 cds…i want to copy the cds (already ripped) to a dvd!!!

CD1 & CD2 are instalation disks
CD3 & CD4 are play disks

If i label the dvd with SC2_CD3…the game will work until the game request for the CD4 (± at the middle of the game)!!!