Splinter Cell Not Loading

i recently updated the firmware on my liteon 52x to the new 680D or something, it ends in D.
any hoo, i backed up splinter cell but when i try to play it, the screen loads and then goes away, im not getting “please insert original cd” stuff.
the screen loads then just disappears.
i’ve tried with both cdtray thing on and off, same probs.


oh btw, i wrote the image using the protected game setting, if that has anything to with it.

PS. havent been up to date with the backup scene in a while :frowning:

this isn’t gonna answer you, but why did you update. I have been contemplating the idea. What does one gain by updating firmware on the lite-on. I mean it seems to work the way it is now. If it aint broken, why fix it.

hmm … i think i backed up splinter cell with the new firmware - first thing you might wanna try after it appears to have stopped loading, is press the spacebar twice (works for me) and see if it continues to load; second, you might want to use a different clonecd profile which you can grab HERE.

hope that helps!

Have you tried it with the original discs, as you state that you are using your backup. If that fails, try uninstalling and reinstalling from the original discs and try again.

the link to the profiles are down
yes it does work with the originals
also, i tried loading the backup again, and this time i get some error msg saying something wrong with exe or something

if any one solves the mistery I’m all ears i get a problem in splinter cell and it goes someting like “Critical error HISTORY” thats all I get then I get dumped off the game heck it dosent even load just get the splash screen :confused: sucks cant seem to back it up right any Ideas??

A quick search shows that SD2.8x and greater either works out of a Lite-On or it doesn’t. It’s not really a matter of “what have I done wrong”, it’s understanding that the Lite-Ons are just not cutting it across the board.

ASUS users appear to have no trouble.

True. Liteys can do sd 2.8+ ok but they’re not reliable for that protection with either ccd or dj (in the case of dj, they’re fine for burning but very iffy for reading).