Splinter cell copy

I have tried to backup my copy of splinter cell with just about all the programs that are talked about here. I have use alcohol 120%, cdclone, xcopy straitup (read and burn). Have also used discdump to read and tried to burn the image with all the above plus nero. But get a copy that the startup menu appears but when you click to play game I get error in df3948.tmp message.
Anyone have any ideas?

Protected with Safedisc 2.80.011.
Problem is likely your burner. :Z

Indeed! What writer do you have and are you trying to play your back-up copies from a writer or an ordinary cd/dvd rom?

my drives are on the desktop dvd drive nec DV-5800a burner is a no name usb 2.0 that the software id’s as atapi cd-r/rw 40x12x48. On the laptop it is a qsi cdrw/dvd sbw-242. Any ideas you can give me on how to make it work. I was able to make a back up of battlefield 1942 that will only play off my 2 burners.
The atapi cd-r/rw 40x12x48 and qsi cdrw/dvd sbw-242 by useing discdump and nero. (on the dvd drive nec DV-5800a I get a tmp file error) Any help will be much appreciated.

If you’re trying to run the game from a writer (as it seems you are), you’ll need an atip hiding utility (either alcohol’s Ignore media type or CloneCD’s hide cdr media will do).

However, I very much doubt that either of your writers is really capable of making an emulation free copy of a sd 2.8 protected cd (I suspect you just got lucky with your partial working copy of BF1942 which is sd 2.6 and a bit easier to copy than Splinter Cell anyway).

Try alcohol with safedisc 2/3 settings (using a cdrw first) remembering to enable Ignore media type before playing.

If that doesn’t work, then you’ll probably have to settle for an emulation copy. Just use CloneCD with the default Game CD profile. The copy should work so long as CloneCD is installed on the system and hide cdr media is activated.