Splinter Cell Chaos Theory (Starforce Protected)

Hi everyone, was wondering how to deal with this beast Starforce.

I am used to trying to make backups of games I own that have Securom or Safedisc…however, Starforce proves to be a different case, because this is the first Starforce game I am trying to run from a Image file.

I have used the latest version of Alcohol 120 percent ( and made a image of the original disk, with DPM measurement on High and Speed set to Maximum, and it lets me install the game, but then it said I have to reboot for Starforce to be installed.

So I Reboot and try to run the game and it says “please insert the original cd/dvd”.

I have tried YASU 1.3 and also I have tried using StarF*ck but it doesn’t work for me.

Also I have tried a few registry edits but they didnt work either.

I do not want info on how to burn it to a disk or how to unplug my IDE drives, I just want info on how to run the image without having to do anything like that, if possible.


P.s.- I found that via Device Manager, if I disabled my IDE controllers, I could run the image as if it were the disk in the drive…however, I was wondering if theres a better solution…cause that might cause problems for some people if they have IDE graphics cards or even older IDE hard drives or whatever…I tried it on a friends computer and it kind of messed his up…because of his onboard IDE ATI card…I guess.

So is there any safe way to get a disk image to run with Starforce?

Using the search function with keywords [I]splinter cell[/I] will give you some results and for running the image without any ‘tricks’ you’ll need a nforce chipset from my knowledge.

I used the search function but I did not find the answer I am looking for…

Running Chaos Theory as an image worked with disabling my Dual Channel PCI IDE controller in the Device manager, and I could play it…but it didn’t work for my friend…he has a different setup because he is using an ATI IDE card and when we tried disabling the IDE controller it said it needed to restart the system and basically it wouldn’t boot afterwards…so he used his recovery partition to fix it…but it was a mess.

So without using a USB 2.0 drive or without messing with disabling IDE drives , and without using a Nforce chipset or anything…and without having to burn it to a disk…is there any way to get a Starforce protected game to work running them from a image in Alcohol 120?

There must be a way. Why can’t YASU also cloak for Starforce? The author should add that capability in. YASU works great for safedisc and securom (besides constantly being blacklisted) and I think if he wrote it for starforce too it would be good, cause yasu doesn’t mess anything up that i am aware of.

But back to my question, how can I run Splinter Cell Chaos Theory from a disk image without using any techniques mentioned above?

You can’t.

If I can’t run it, is there any way I can remove the Starforce Protection from the game completely, but still ensure that it is playable?

I mean, how does it work, are there certain files and drivers that check for protection, maybe the game could be patched to remove it (im not sure the legality of this, but it is legal to have a working backup obviously, and Starforce has been the victim of class action lawsuit for causing serious problems to user’s computers, so why is it unfair to get rid of it to play a legitimate game?)

If there’s no legal update from the company I doubt you can legally remove the protection.

You can’t lawfully remove the copy protection. Modifying the program without the copyright holder’s permission is a no-no. If you want to run the game, you’ll either have to use your original disc or use one or more of the somewhat extreme measures already mentioned to run the game from an image (e.g. unplug all your physical roms).