Splinter Cell backup for PS2

I’ve tried TWICE to back up my Splinter Cell for PS2, with Liteon 411s and Nero-burning on a DVD R, however I got the same problem with both copies.

Once I get to the screen where I have to choose a previously saved game from my memory card (or a new one), just after choosing one of both options (no matter which one I choose, its always the same), my PS2 stops reading the DVD and returns to the main menu, were you can see the disc and memory card.
Anyone can help? Is there a different way to backup this game with nero?
I all ready back up many PS2 games with this media ( Memorex DVD-R ) and they all worked fine! :frowning:


To my knowledge, there are no official protections for PS2 games at all… Sony will not currently allow it - not even their SecuRom product!!!

It must be a problem with the ripping and ISO making and subsequent burning.

My only advice would be to try and burn it at slower speeds.

The original you are using, is free from defects/scratches etc? As this can be pretty fundamental to your backup success?

If this is indeed some kind of protection then it must be IOP (IO Programming-core language of PS2) - and must have slipped under Sony’s radar… which is pretty naughty, but to be expected!

Let me know how you get on.


Thanks for your reply! I will try to rip and burn at the lowest speed possible for Nero.
But I also heard that this DVD (Splinter Cell) has a double check feature that checks if it’s authentic when you boot the game and when it loads for the game to start. Has anybody backup this game? How?

please remove - double posting! :smiley:

Yup you are correct! :slight_smile:

The games manufacturers have added a Double TOC file to these games…

It depends on your PS2 mod - but apparently you have to download a special loader boot disc for FLIP TOP chips etc - the solder chips should work fine.

Surprised nobody has put out a generic fix for this - I seem to remember a really noddy PC CD-ROM protection using illegal TOC methods - that was really easy to get round…

Sorry, I normally only concentrate on PC and XBOX games - the PS2 was way 2 much soldering and really prefer the XBOX gfx - although the PS2 controllers rock - XBOX ones suck!


Tom Clancy’s Splinter cell is on there! :smiley: